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My Junior® Charity Edition Diaper Bag

VAT included

The Hope diaper bag was exclusively designed by My Junior and Cathy Hummels as part of our Charity Edition and thought out for you from front to back. With lots of storage space and a practical changing mat as an accessory, it complements the look of your combi stroller and with every purchase you donate to the organization "Every Mother Counts".

My Junior® Charity Edition Wickeltasche
My Junior® Charity Edition Wickeltasche

Our Hope diaper bag from the exclusive Charity Edition by Cathy Hummels is a stroller accessory that offers you plenty of storage space. Carry everything you need in everyday baby life with your combi stroller.

My Junior® Charity Edition Wickeltasche
Changing pad included

When you buy your new stroller accessories, you will receive a practical changing mat. Insensitive on its black side and unmistakable by the bumblebee pattern on the other side, it complements your new companion and your combi stroller.

My Junior® Charity Edition Wickeltasche
Special design

Our Hope diaper bag impresses with its special pattern. Not only your baby will fall in love with the lovingly designed baby bumblebees, which can also be found in the matching combi stroller. At the same time, you donate € 20 to the organization "Every Mother Counts" with every purchase.


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