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My Junior stroller warranty

My Junior Kinderwagen 3 year manufacturer warranty
3 year manufacturer warranty

My Junior gives you a 3-year warranty on all strollers and accessories. So you are safely on the road for the entire usage period of 3 years. To do this, register your My Junior stroller on the My Junior website within 3 months of purchase. If you bought the stroller directly from us, you are already registered.

My Junior Kinderwagen Door2Door Reparatur
Door 2 Door - repair service

My Junior customer service guarantees you quick and easy processing. In the event of a warranty claim or maintenance, your My Junior stroller will be picked up at your front door and returned to you within 72 hours. Depending on availability, we will provide a replacement stroller so that you are mobile with your heart as usual. An all-round carefree service.

My Junior Door2Door repair service*:

As a My Junior stroller customer, you benefit from the My Junior Door2Door Repair Service. With this service, we will pick up your My Junior stroller free of charge in the event of a warranty claim or maintenance and return the repaired / serviced My Junior stroller to you within 72 hours. Click on "Pick up my stroller" to request a pick-up of your My Junior stroller.

* only within Germany, strollers purchased from qualified specialist dealers, no express delivery .

Warranty extension:

Because your well-being is very important to us, we make every effort to accompany you with your heart. That's why My Junior gives you another year of warranty on all combi strollers and our accessories for the statutory warranty period of 2 years. So you are safe and cared for over the entire usage period of 3 years. If you want to take advantage of the warranty during this time, please contact us by phone or email and we will take great care to grant it to you. We are always there for you and will always accompany you with your heart.

My Junior 3 year warranty

Below you will find the applicable warranty conditions for the purchase of new My Junior strollers & accessories from My Junior GmbH based in Aachen.

1.In accordance with current legislation, all consumers who purchase a new My Junior stroller or accessory (hereinafter referred to as the product) benefit from a 2-year legal warranty and a 1-year voluntary warranty.

2.In addition to the legal warranty mentioned in point 1, My Junior grants a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase when purchasing a new My Junior stroller and My Junior accessories. My Junior guarantees that the purchased product is free from defects in material and workmanship. These provisions apply to all products purchased within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

3.Which defects are covered in detail and which are not, can be found in the table under section 10.

4.The term of the warranty begins parallel to the legal warranty after the purchase date when the product is handed over by a qualified My Junior dealer or My Junior itself. The start of the term is the purchase or delivery date. Upon delivery of the product, the warranty holder must immediately check the product for defects and notify the qualified specialist dealer or My Junior immediately if a defect is found.

5.A prerequisite for the performance of this warranty is proof of purchase with the original date of purchase of a qualified My Junior dealer or My Junior. My Junior gives no warranty if the product is used or purchased from an unauthorized reseller. The warranty is not transferable to third parties.

6.In the event of a defect that is covered by this warranty (see Section 11), My Junior can choose to remedy the defect itself, have it repaired by a qualified specialist dealer or service center (repair) or deliver a new product (replacement). In the event of rectification, My Junior can either repair or replace the defective part at its own discretion. Since My Junior reserves the right to discontinue the production of a model, spare part, color, fabric or accessory, My Junior has the right to give the customer a product, spare part, color or fabric from the customer during the warranty period to provide at least comparable quality as a replacement.

7.The following applies to the processing of the rights mentioned in Section 6:

7.a.Warranty claims can only be made to qualified My Junior retailers in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. If the product is delivered to an area other than the EEA and Switzerland, the warranty cannot be claimed.

7.b.Replaced parts become the property of My Junior.

7.c.For the parts installed, painted or repaired as part of the rework, a warranty is given until the end of the original warranty period of the product. This also applies to a product that has been delivered later. A repair or replacement does not entitle to an extension of the warranty period.

7.d.If the product becomes inoperable due to a defect covered by the warranty, the warranty holder is obliged to contact his qualified My Junior dealer or My Junior immediately. This decides whether the necessary work must be carried out on site, in his workshop or at My Junior.

7.e.Further claims do not exist from this warranty. In particular, the warranty does not cover claims for compensation, e.g. the provision of a rental stroller for the duration of the repairs, or claims for damages.

7.f.If My Junior delivers a new product on the basis of a warranty claim, My Junior strollers can request the return of the defective product from the warranty holder and demand adequate compensation for the use of the returned product in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code on withdrawal according to §§ 346-348 BGB . This usage fee is calculated in proportion to the usage time after the two-year warranty period. Such a user fee may only be charged in Germany. The return of the defective product, as well as the delivery of a new product, takes place exclusively to the qualified specialist dealer from whom the original purchase was made.

8.If the rectification - asserted in accordance with Section 6 above - fails, especially if the same error cannot be rectified or further attempts at rectification are unreasonable for the guarantor, the guarantor can request delivery of a defect-free product from My Junior. Section 7f applies accordingly.

9.The following table provides detailed insights into defects that fall under the "carefree warranty". A distinction is made here between hard goods (e.g. frame, wheels, parking brake etc.) and fabric parts or accessories (e.g. zipper, press studs, belt etc.).

10. Warranty for My Junior strollers

Defective part Claim Cause/ comment 1 year Year 3 year*
Brake No function Everything apart from adjustment Yes Yes Yes
No function Only adjustment Yes Yes Yes
Frame Scratches & Rust Natural wear No No No
Chipped powder coating Yes No No
No folding function Yes Yes Yes
Noise/ squeak No No No
Cover on the push handle Damaged No No No
Stretches on the push handle No No No
Insert lock No function Broken parts Yes Yes Yes
Front swiveling mechanism
None or reduced function Yes Yes Yes
Hard rubber tire set
Worn tire tread Natural wear No No No
wobbling, broken No No No
Air tires Worn tire tread Natural wear No No No
Flat tire Natural wear No No No
Protection bar broken Yes Yes Yes
Damaged foam / cover Natural wear No No No
Faulty assembly No No No

Warranty for My Junior accessories

Defective part Claim Cause/ comment 6 months 2 years 3 year*
Zipper broken or inoperative Yes No No
Torn seams Yes No No
Snaps Broken, fallen off Yes No No
Stains No No No
Color fading UV-damage (severe fading) No No No
Washing No No No
Tearing No No No
Belt Yes Yes Yes
Mold and linting No No No
Accessories Yes No No

11. The present warranty does not limit the legal rights, in particular warranty claims against the seller of the product and possible claims from the product liability law against My Junior GmbH as the manufacturer.

The warranty is excluded in the following cases:

  • My Junior gives no warranty if the product is used or purchased from an unauthorized reseller
  • Warranty obligations do not exist if the defect has arisen because:
  • the product has been improperly handled or overused (e.g. if the permissible total weight has not been observed), or
  • the product has previously been improperly repaired, improperly maintained or cared for by the warranty holder or a third party who is not a qualified My Junior dealer, or
  • parts have been installed in the product, the use of which the manufacturer has not approved, or
  • the product has been modified in a manner not approved by My Junior, or
  • the accessories used were not original My Junior accessories, or
  • the warranty holder has not complied with the regulations regarding the operation, handling and care of the product (see operating instructions).
  • Defects due to natural wear, as well as defects (e.g. rust, scratches, corrosion) that have arisen due to external influences, external environmental influences (e.g. accidents, hail, ice, snow, flooding, high humidity, animals) or inadequate maintenance and care. See also section 9.

Other warranty terms:

As we are constantly working on further developing our products, My Junior GmbH reserves the right to change or discontinue the production of individual models, color variants, accessories or fabrics. In the event of a warranty claim, we will replace them with similar spare parts, colors or accessories. My Junior reserves the right to change the terms of the warranty.