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My Junior® Charity Edition LUVA

VAT included

The baby carrier LUVA Hope from our Charity Edition by Cathy Hummels is your constant companion from birth to toddler age. Specially developed by midwives, this baby carrier ensures maximum safety and comfort and also impresses with our lovingly designed baby bumblebee. Your heart takes the natural, ergonomic the M-position (squat-spread position), thanks to the adjustable bridge, the round back and the neck and headrest.

My Junior Kinderwagen Cathy Hummels Trage

Special features

My Junior Babytrage LUVA Nackenstütze

Hooded neck rest

LUVA has a padded neck support to relieve the neck muscles and support healthy posture. The weatherproof hood serves as rain protection or optionally as UV 50+ sun protection.

My Junior Babytrage LUVA Customizable bridge width

Customizable bridge width

The adjustable bridge ensures an individual adjustment of your heart to the M position. In order to bring the legs and hips into the squat-spread position, the bridge can be adjusted to the width of the hips for an ergonomic posture.

My Junior Babytrage LUVA Stepless height adjustment

Stepless height adjustment

The height-adjustable back section guarantees a rounded, anatomically correct back posture and thus relief of the spine. The back is rounded off by the M position and stabilized by the back section. Depending on the size of your heart, you can adjust the height of the back part to your baby.

3 carrying options

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The baby carrier LUVA is recommended as a baby carrier from birth to the 5th month with the line of sight to your heart. The legs of your newborn should be brought into the squat-spread position. This physiologically rounds the back and supports the hip. So you protect your heart from the many stimuli, you feel secure and your heart only perceives your sounds and smells. So you are as close as possible and you can feel every communication immediately.


My Junior Kinderwagen Sicherheit als Glückseinheit

Padded straps

The LUVA baby carrier offers maximum comfort thanks to its particularly padded straps. For your heart, these serve as leg pads so that your baby also benefits from the comfortable padding. The hip belt is physiologically adapted to the hips and the shoulder straps distribute the weight, making wearing it a pleasant comfort for the whole family.

My Junior Kinderwagen Sicherheit als Glückseinheit

Straps safety system

You can trust the LUVA baby carrier completely thanks to the covered safety system. The easy handling of the baby carrier is equipped with a three-point safety system. The safety button on the buckles must be pressed in before the buckle can be released. In addition, a safety band is attached through which the buckle is pulled.

My Junior Kinderwagen Sicherheit als Glückseinheit

Removable hood

The hood of the LUVA baby carrier can be attached to the baby carrier with a bow on both sides and a hook over the top of your heart. The rain-repellent fabric of the LUVA baby carrier is gently impregnated, protects your heart and, thanks to the UV50 + protection, also serves as sun protection.

My Junior Kinderwagen Sicherheit als Glückseinheit

Simple design

The design of the LUVA baby carrier follows its function. Thus, the multifunctional feature of the baby carrier is in the foreground and offers easy handling, healthy ergonomics and optimal safety thanks to the safety system. The design is simple and elegant with light colors and patterns that everyone will enjoy.

My Junior Kinderwagen Sicherheit als Glückseinheit

Materials of the carrier

The materials of the baby carrier near your child are made of 100% cotton. The soft but supportive cotton with its breathable properties ensures the temperature balance of your heart. The outer fabric of the baby carrier is water and dirt repellent.

My Junior Kinderwagen Sicherheit als Glückseinheit

Attachment options

There are two different buckles on the sides of the LUVA baby carrier. One is at the bottom of the waist belt and is used to attach the shoulder straps for smaller babies to relieve the little back even more. The middle buckles of the baby carriers at the height of the arms of your heart are for the front and back carriers.

Technical Data

Here you will find the technical data of your LUVA baby carrier. If you have any questions or would like advice, we will be happy to assist you. Our midwife Sophie will be happy to answer any questions you may have. For individual carrying advice near you, take a look at our carrying network in the future.

My Junior Babytrage LUVA Dimensions


My Junior Babytrage LUVA Age und Gewicht


My Junior Babytrage LUVA straps height

straps height

My Junior Babytrage LUVA Straps width

Straps width

My Junior Babytrage LUVA Breathable fabrics

Breathable fabrics

My Junior Babytrage LUVA Straps can be reduced

Straps can be reduced

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