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My Junior® NAMI with Ring

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  • Mandala Ecrue
  • Stripes Blues Sky
  • Stripes Ruby Rose
  • Square Green Turquoise

The NAMI baby sling with ring will soon be your constant companion. If you want to be quick and you want to be flexible, NAMI with ring scores with its uncomplicated nature. Without tying and knots, this baby carrier is a real blessing in everyday life. Quickly but securely tightened, your baby's ergonomically healthy posture is always maintained and you remain flexible.

Healthy closeness to the baby

My Junior Kinderwagen Tragetuch mit Ring NAMI

Wearing styles

My Junior Tragetuch mit Ring NAMI Belly carrier
Belly carrier
My Junior Tragetuch mit Ring NAMI Side carrier
Side carrier
My Junior Tragetuch mit Ring NAMI Back carrier
Back carrier

Special features

My Junior Tragetuch NAMI Spreizhaltung

Ergonomically healthy posture

The baby sling Nami with a ring enables the orthopedically correct squat-spread position for a healthy development of your heart with all binding possibilities. The optimal M position with the baby sling ensures a round back and a supported neck.

My Junior Tragetuch NAMI Rückenhaltung

Optimal support

The adaptable and robust fabric of the baby sling supports compliance with the ergonomic posture and relieves the spine and the pelvis of your heart for a rounded, anatomical back posture with the NAMI sling.

My Junior Tragetuch NAMI Close to your heart

Close to your heart

The heartbeat of the parents is the baby's resting place. The baby sling Nami is made of 100% cotton. The natural material adapts to your two bodies and maximizes the closeness to each other.


My Junior Kinderwagen Trage mit Ring NAMI Anpassbar

Adapts to your baby

No matter what size your child is, NAMI adapts to your heart. Properly tied, NAMI with a ring always guarantees an ergonomically correct posture and is at the right height for a loving kiss in between.

My Junior Kinderwagen Trage mit Ring NAMI Possible uses

Possible uses

The special thing about ring slings is that they can be used so quickly. They don't have to be tied down and can therefore be used for short distances such as bringing away siblings or shopping.

My Junior Kinderwagen Trage mit Ring NAMI Näher zum Kind

Close to your heart

Your heart is always close to you. If something is wrong, you are the first person to know about it. In this way, NAMI with a ring strengthens the mother-child relationship and basic trust.

My Junior Kinderwagen Trage mit Ring NAMI Fabrics


The 100% cotton fabric is elastic, soft, has been tested and found to be good. NAMI with a ring meets the Ökotex standard.

Technical Data

Here you will find the technical data of your baby sling NAMI with a ring. If you have any questions or would like advice, we will be happy to assist you. Our midwife Sophie will be happy to answer any questions you may have. For individual carrying advice near you, take a look at our carrying network in the future.

My Junior Tragetuch mit Ring NAMI Maße

NAMI with a Ring from head to toe

My Junior Tragetuch mit Ring NAMI Alter und Gewicht

Baby carrier from birth

My Junior Tragetuch mit Ring NAMI Atmungsaktiv

A baby sling that breaths

My Junior Tragetuch mit Ring NAMI Baumwolle

Only the best for your heart


1 Reviews

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