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My Junior Kinderwagen Cathy Hummels Trage

Charity Collection
by Cathy Hummels

Together with Cathy Hummels, a mom in tune with the times, we designed this charity stroller and baby carrier collection Hope, which leaves nothing to be desired. After testing up to 20 strollers and baby carriers, she knows exactly what is important: a design made from sustainable and recyclable materials that bears her loving signature. Discover the Hope x Cathy Hummels collection.

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My Junior Kinderwagen Aktion Hope Cathy Hummels Charity

With every sold item of the Hope Collection x Cathy Hummels we donate 100,00€ to “Every Mother Counts”. Together with the organization, we train midwives and obstetricians in countries that need development aid and support the construction of new birthing centers there.

Cathy Hummels x My Junior

“The outer fabrics are made from recycled PET material and the inner fabrics from GOTS certified cotton. Of course, everything is free of harmful substances and ÖKO TEX certified. I put Ludwig in this stroller with a clear conscience, because especially as a mother you have so much responsibility that our children grow up in a healthy environment. That is why we support safe births in developing countries with this charity collection. ”

Designer with a heart

With Cathy Hummels, we have a designer and mom at our side who, in addition to design, know exactly what a stroller has to bring with it. Sustainable materials, multifunctional ease of use and well thought-out accessories complete the overall package.

My Junior Kinderwagen Aktion Weltkarte

Around the world

Among other things, “Every Mother Counts” in India, Tanzania, Uganda, Bangladesh, Guatemala and Haiti campaigns for safe births by training new midwives and obstetricians there and by having birth homes built. Not all women in the world are lucky enough to give birth to their babies in hospitals or birth centers. In most cases, they don't even have a midwife at their side. And it is precisely for these women that we want to fight with you and this stroller and baby carrier collection.

My Junior Kinderwagen Aktion Weltkarte

The music box for a peaceful sleep

We have integrated a music box into the stroller so that your heart can fall asleep calmly and relaxed during your daily adventures. The melody is a very personal melody chosen by Cathy Hummels: "For Elise" by Ludwig von Beethoven. Cathy's son, who is also called Ludwig, likes to hear it fall asleep.

My Junior Kinderwagen Aktion Cathy Hummels Spieluhr

Smartphone holder on the handle

Of course we also thought of you. For parents, we have integrated a music box for adults: a Smartphone holder on the handle. So you can watch videos, listen to Mommy podcasts or make phone calls with your loved one when your heart has fallen asleep.

My Junior Kinderwagen Aktion Hope Cathy Hummels Handyhalterung

Charity T-Shirt

If you don't need a stroller or a baby carrier for your happiness, you can also fight with this charity t-shirt for safe pregnancies in developing countries. For every charity t-shirt sold, we donate € 10 to the organization "Every Mother Counts"

My Junior Kinderwagen Aktion Hope Zitat Cathy Hummels

For tomorrows happiness

There are currently between 86-150 million tons of plastic in the sea and that is exactly what we would like to change together with you. That is why the VITA Hope consists of recycled, pollutant-free PET and the inside of 100% sustainable cotton. With the purchase of the stroller, about 60 fewer plastic bottles will end up in the sea. Fight with us.

My Junior Kinderwagen Aktion Hope Zitat Cathy Hummels