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My Junior Kinderwagen Sicherheit als Glückseinheit

Carrying brings happiness

We let you and your heart float on cloud nine - with our new carrying options in three different versions, either with a belt, for tieing, or with a ring. No matter what you choose, with us you and your heart are in safe hands.

Carrying comparison

  • Age
  • Apply
  • Arm room
  • Uses
  • Resistance
  • Change of carrier
My Junior Tragen bis 20 Kg, bis 36 Monate


Thanks to the individually adjustable back part, LUVA is tailor-made from birth to the age of 3 and offers your heart a well-protected place, with every carrier, up to a weight of 20 kg.


NAMI accompanies you and your heart up to the age of 2 and is made for your heart by the elasticity of the fabric and various binding options.

NAMI with a Ring

NAMI with a ring is also by your side from birth, adapts to the size of your heart and enables you to wear it on your hips or on your back in addition to wearing it on your belly.


My Junior Babytragen Vorteile Babytrage LUVA


  • Always an ergonomically healthy posture
  • Quick to put on, easy to secure
  • No tieing
  • Defies wind and weather
  • Arm room on both sides
  • With a hood as wind protection and neck support
  • Breathable fabrics
My Junior Babytragen Vorteile Tragetuch NAMI


  • Can be used as a blanket, underlay and hammock
  • Many tieing options
  • Small to stow away
  • Ergonomically healthy with the right tieing.
  • Both arms completely free
  • High quality fabrics
  • Many beautiful patterns

My Junior Babytragen Vorteile Tragetuch mit Ring NAMI

NAMI with a Ring

  • Really quick to put on
  • Fast carrier change
  • Perfect for short wear
  • Addition to the stroller
  • Many different Designs
  • Put your heart in and out quickly
  • Comfortable size of the ring and length of the cloth
  • Gentle sitting position

Technical Data

My Junior Tragen bis 20 Kg, bis 36 Monate

0-36 months
3,5-20 Kilogramm

My Junior Tragen individuell anpassbar

Adapt to your heart

My Junior Tragen Nackenstütze

Neck support 1

My Junior Tragen Rückenstütze

Round back

My Junior Tragen Ökotex certified

Ökotex certified

My Junior Tragen Atmungsaktiv

Breathable fabrics

My Junior Bauchtrage
My Junior Rückentrage
My Junior Seitentrage