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Become a part of the My Junior family

We are always looking for new brand ambassadors whose heart we can accompany and share.

My Junior Kinderwagen Kooperation
Our stroller family
My Junior Kooperation Ajat My Junior Kooperation Damm My Junior Kooperation herrlichfit My Junior Kooperation hummels My Junior Kooperation jangudde My Junior Kooperation jestil My Junior Kooperation kinga My Junior Kooperation peanacolada
Your profile:

- You are a mom or dad blogger and mainly produce family and / or pregnancy content.
- You have a long range (see product information)
- You can show an active community and comments under your postings (engagement rate at least 4.0%)
- You have at least 60% female followers
- You have at least 60% followers from Germany, Austria and / or Switzerland

Our strollers for you
My Junior Kinderwagen Vita Hope
from 23 000 followers
My Junior Kinderwagen Vita Unique
VITA unique
from 20 000 followers
My Junior Kinderwagen Vita
from 15 000 followers
My Junior Kinderwagen Noax
from 14 000 followers
My Junior Kinderwagen Pico
from 10 000 followers
My Junior Kinderwagen Plia
from 8 000 followers

Our Requirements cater perfectly for you? Then we look forward to an email with your Instagram name and your insights

The following insights are relevant to us:

- Range of stories, posts & your entire profile

- Impressions of stories, articles & your entire profile

- Gender division of your community

- Percentage division of the origin (countries & cities) of your community

We would like to work with you long term. You will receive a My Junior stroller model from us and you can test it extensively and introduce it to your community. We are always there for you if you have any questions and concerns. Our partnerships include a contest for your followers and a personal discount code.
We would be happy to discuss everything else with you. We look forward to seeing you!