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The chics

The chic accompanies you and your heart up to the age of 4.

My Junior The chics
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My Junior Kinderwageb The chics Style
The chics: Retro Design

Retro Design

The extensive scope of delivery of the stroller set, the high quality, the stable X frame make the Sienna retro stroller a perfect companion. The intuitive suspension and the air-filled tires make every tour an experience.

With the plus in Deisgn
The chics: Gemütliches Innenleben

cosy interior

This large, padded bowl is our definition of cosiness. It is supported by the special suspension, which knows how to balance all unevenness, and your heart is carried lightly through the world. Suspension and attachment of the combi stroller result in a perfect balance with each other.

With the plus in Cosiness
The chics: Shopping basket

Shopping basket

The spacious shopping bag, which of course has the same design and is color-coordinated with your wishes, accompanies you and offers maximum storage space. The shopping basket can be easily removed, so you can take your purchases directly and easily. - A godsend.

With the Plus in Storage Space
My Junior Kinderwagen The chics Stability
The chics: X-Frame


With its high-quality workmanship and stable frame, the My Junior Sienna is a reliable companion at your side. Despite the stylish and classic design of this combination stroller, its technology is state of the art. Its suspension has been adapted to today's needs.

With the Plus in Suspension
The chics: Central Parking Brake

Central Parking Brake

Mit dem Betätigen der Feststellbremse ist der Kinderwagen fest arretiert, was einen sicheren Stand gewährleistet und ein Weiterrollen verhindert. Da uns die Safety Deines Glücks so wichtig ist, legen wir viel Wert auf diese. Die Feststellbremse ist leicht zu betätigen, auch im Sommer mit Sandalen.

With the plus of a firm stand
The chics: Healthy lying position

Healthy lying position

The ergonomic back- and footrest are also ideal for every need. For an afternoon nap, the backrest can be adjusted up to three levels and ensures pure comfort. The growing 5 point seat belt offers the highest possible hold.

With the plus in ergonomics
My Junior Kinderwagen The chics Comfort
Die Schcken: Comfort

on Cloud 9

Our vision has always been strollers that adapt unconditionally to the needs of parents and children. The vision became a reality with the strollers. Our combi strollers adapt intuitively as you need them.

With the plus in comfort
The chics: Baby car seat

Baby car seat

The combination of stylish retro design and the latest technology make the My Junior Sienna something very special. All attachments can be mounted on this model, so that you do not have to forego the advantages of modern combination strollers.

With the Plus in combination
The chics: Rocking carrycot

Rocking carrycot

The rounded bottom offers you the possibility to rock your little child carefully to sleep. As soon as he closes his eyes and arrives in his fairytale dreams, the setting of the rest position ensures the necessary harmony.

With the plus in harmony
My Junior Kinderwagen The chics Safety
My Junior Kinderwagen Schicken Safety 1

Our promise

You eat with your eyes first. Not only the quality of our My Junior combi strollers convinces with high-quality materials, the design is also polished and wonderfully optimized in every little detail. We offer you to test your heart carrier in the house for 30 days

With the plus in protection
My Junior Kinderwagen Schicken Safety 2

Only the best

The Ökotex Standard 100 is a globally uniform, testing and certification system for textiles, processing stages, as well as the accessories used for our combination strollers. We have checked this for you so that you can also trust our high-quality materials.

With the plus in safety
My Junior Kinderwagen Schicken Safety 3

Us for you

Because your well-being is very important to us, we make every effort to accompany you with your heart. That's why My Junior gives you an additional warranty year on all combi strollers for the statutory warranty period of 2 years. So you are cared for over the entire usage period of 3 years.

With the plus in warranty

From birth
The chics: From birth
With a view to the child
The chics: With a view to the child
Discover the world
The chics: Discover the world